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Arlene Brewster - Certified ISF Therapist

Arlene Brewster, PhD

I am Arlene, licensed Therapist in Maine.


Certified ISF Therapist

I have been a therapist for over thirty years, and have experienced many changes in the field in terms of diagnosis and treatment techniques. What remains consistent is that therapy is a team effort between the therapist and the patient. Clients seeking therapy want above all, acceptance and competence from their therapist. Whatever therapeutic modality is practiced, if the client feels judged, dismissed, or not understood, therapy is not a safe place to explore the deep feelings of shame, confusion, anger and loss that are often a part of the work. The client also needs to trust that the therapist has enough training and experience to help them to move from their current state to a place of hope. These are more important and better predictors of success than the depth of the crisis that brings people to therapy.

My goal is to keep acceptance and competence at the center of my therapy with every client.

My Background

My background includes working in a number of medical facilities as well as private practice. In addition to working in the Pediatric Department of Henry Ford Hospital, doing my doctoral dissertation on hospitalized children’s understanding of their illness and treatment. 

I also worked at the Northeast Ohio College of Medicine as an adjunct faculty teaching medical students. 
I was the behavioral scientist for the Youngstown Hospital Family Practice residency where I taught medical residents psychological issues in medical care.

It’s important to find a therapist that’s a good fit. 

Internal Family Systems Trained Therapist – “Recognized therapy for trauma, PTSD, childhood abuse” It is my firm belief that this therapy treatment is very effective at treating these conditions.