Arlene Brewster, PhD
Arlene Brewster, PhD



I have created this website to provide information for persons seeking therapy or consultation. My goal is to provide you with information about my areas of specialty, background, and philosophy of practice.

In addition I have included necessary forms that you will need to fill out in scheduling an appointment. I hope that you will download these and fill them out in the comfort of your own home. This will make our first session together less rushed and more productive. Please bring these forms with you, or fax them to me at 207/439-2254.

If you have questions please contact me. My voice mail, fax, and e mail are all confidential.

If you are interested, you are welcome to read some articles that I have written for a business consulting firm for which I occasionally work. The articles are not about therapy, but may give you a better idea of some of my thoughts and opinions.

I look forward to working with you.

- Arlene Brewster, Ph.D., Psychologist

Treatment philosophy

I have been a therapist for quite a long time, and have experienced many changes in the field in terms of diagnosis and treatment techniques. What remains consistent is that therapy is a team effort between the therapist and patient. The therapist does not solve your problems or tell you what to do, but rather uses his or her expertise to help you get beyond the issues that brings you to therapy. Therapy can help you build a set of skills and a different way of approaching problems which can not only help with the immediate issues, but lead to increasing competence in facing the all the inevitable problems that life offers.

My goal is to aid patients in accessing and building their strengths and resources. These are more important and better predictors of success than the depth of crisis that brings you to seek therapy.

I use a number of therapeutic techniques depending on the presenting problem. I use cognitive behavioral therapy, brief solution focused therapy, insight therapy, and several techniques for dealing with anxiety. I also use systems therapy and emotionally focused therapy when dealing with couples.

I work with your family physician or a psychiatrist if medication is recommended. In many cases, short term medication and therapy has been consistently shown to produce the most long lasting benefits.



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